Legal Casino is a team of Aussie Gamblers who have spent more than a decade playing online casinos and researching online gambling developments. We aim to provide the most honest and up-to-date information related to legal online casino gaming and are dedicated to keeping you updated on everything gambling news related in order to provide the most comprehensive casino experience possible.

There are many concerns over whether online casinos are legal in Australia so this site aims to put an end to all speculation with clear evidence through news, research and casino recommendations. We understand the needs of gamblers starting out as we were once there ourselves and through our own experiences both bad and good we have come to know what it means to have a fair and exciting casino experience online.

We personally believe the online casino world will take over the vast majority of the gambling industry one day. If we look at the trends of other industries it is that they all point to more integration and connectivity online. The world now has more smart devices and PCs to connect more than ever and that will continue to grow along with the amount of information available online. People will need to learn how to filter through the information more and thus credible websites offering legitimate news and information will be more crucial than ever.

And this is where we come in. There no doubt will continue to be scam sites pop up online for gambling, as there will be for most industries. That is just the way it goes. Therefore, knowing where to turn for something as simple as what casino in Australia is legal will be increasingly important and we believe the value put into a site like this is of high value as a result.

Casino playing is supposed to be enjoyable while getting scammed or partaking in something that turned out to be illegal is not. This site aims to take those worries out of the picture and lead you to the most reputable online brands the gambling world has to offer. We have gone through all sorts of casinos and evaluated their games, customer service, payouts and overall reliability to form a conclusion about what we view as the best sites that fall under legal framework. More so, we have narrowed these down to as few possible while still providing a variety of choices in order to give gamblers multiple options.

Our interests reside in gaming and making money so no wonder we like taking a stab at online casino playing. We think it is fun and offers the potential to make money back whereas other forms of entertainment such as video games or watching movies do not pay anything back. This is a shame and even if we don’t come out ahead at one casino round we know there is still a chance in the future.

For us gambling is a hobby, one of which we want to share. We treat online casinos as entertainment and encourage you to think the same. We known from experience that sometimes you can win big and sometimes you can loose big – that’s the nature of gambling. However, with some restraint in terms of budget and playing time you will find that casinos can be something great to past the time and perhaps even add a little extra cash into your pockets.

We welcome feedback on this site and if you have any questions regarding stipulations or casino gaming strategy at a particular platform do not hesitate to ask by emailing us. We will try our best to reply within a timely manner but due to our busy schedules and requests we may need an extended period. Make sure to keep up with our weekly news and updates to stay on top of the latest gambling developments in Australia and we wish you a happy casino playing experience!

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