Victoria Responsible Gambling Foundation: This government organization operating out of Victoria, Australia is unique due to its focus on educating citizens to become responsible gamblers. Most government-sponsored groups are set up to help people recover from gambling issues and provide counseling for those with problem gambling. However, the foundation instead encourages people to act as responsible gamblers and offers classes, consultation, community meetings and even one-on-one counseling for those in need all for free. The foundation also has free phone services for those needing help and also encourages players to take a look at their long list of approved pokies machines in order to have a safe gambling experience.

Problem Gambling: For those who are looking to understand more about the impact gambling has on Australia for games such as pokies, this site is well known for keeping detailed statistics and information. The site is government funded and in our opinion appears as more of a scare tactic for keeping people from gambling. Problem Gambling does have legitimate concern for Aussie citizens but disappointingly does not offer many solutions for helping people recover from gambling aside from linking to other government or NGO sites that provide such services. If you are looking for statistics as well as a guilt trip for gambling, this site is for you.

Parliament of Australia: This section of Australia’s parliament details gambling laws since 1999 into 2001 that outline the Interactive Gambling Act, which established rules stating Aussies can gamble online legally. It also proceeds to outline current developments related to laws concerning online gambling and provides links to localized organizations familiar with specific gambling questions and concerns to locals throughout the various states in Australia.

Gambling Statistics: In this article, statistics show that Aussies lose more in gambling per head than any other nation in the world followed by Singapore and the US. In light of this trend the article points out how the Australian government is looking to revamp laws set by the government to outlaw in-play betting for sports betting and casinos. The tone of this article is dismal but its concern legit so think it is worth checking out if you are interested in seeing statistics brought to an easy-to-follow graph.

eCOGRA: We talk about this organization quite often since it is important for measuring the quality and legality of a casino. At eCOGRA they look into testing online operators for their games, payouts and overall fairness to players online. Not any hub online can get approved and it takes an awful lot of effort to make the cut at this organization since casinos need to provide everything from their registration papers, credit setup and other forms to prove there are legal.

About Payments: Since we talk about payment options a lot on this site we think it is best you further familiarize yourself with the most suitable form you see fit for gambling. At this site you can break down the type of payment you are looking to make in conjunction with the type of service and country in order to make an educated decision. Everything from Poli, PaySafeCard and Bitcoin are discussed to help readers understand what kinds of options exist for them and from this players can head on over to a casino to find out what methods are accepted. This site breaks everything down easy and comes highly recommended from credit operators across the globe.

NSW Government Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing: This organization is primarily responsible for land-based regulation such as making sure jackpots do not surpass or go below certain amounts, vendor licenses, alcohol prizes when playing games, incentives and much more. This NSW government organization is also cracking down on making licenses harder to obtain in local pubs and has an entire video series dedicated to understanding the myths and concerns about gambling with a primary focus on gaming machines.

Australasian Gaming Council: This is an interesting platform that offers all sorts of research about the effects social media has on gambling statistics. It also provides information on meetings for responsible gaming and outlines various club meetings where Aussies can get together to discuss responsible pokies playing. There is also information on support groups and tips as to how gamblers can recover from addiction. Make sure to also check out this site’s conferences section to see where you can locally access and ask questions about legal casino playing.

South Australian Policy Online: At this link you can read an interesting report about how the South Australian Government is tackling new initiatives and strategy for providing gambling education to kids. The hope of this paper along with policy implementation from the organization is to help bring awareness to the downfalls of gambling to people at early ages in order to help kids veer away from becoming problem gamblers. There are some interesting points mentioned, including textbook and homework proposals meant to help kids understand online casino gaming.

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