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Nascar Slot Review – Slots with Motorcar Theme

If you are a NASCAR fan, then you should definitely give NASCAR slot a try. NASCAR slot was created by Bally Slots. Due to its popularity, NASCAR is considered to be one of the most followed motor sports in the United States. It contains a rich history of driving that is intense and racing that is high-octane. Throughout the years, NASCAR has been able to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats while they are watching the race.


There have been many gaming companies that have tried to form an interactive inexperience of having 200 miles per hour racing at their player’s home.


Only a few have succeeded in being able to incorporate this well respected racing event live, and this is a game that has received the hearts of many gamers and racing enthusiast alike.


The Bally and NASCAR Collaboration- Bally Technologies has had a good reputation of developing innovative slot machines and they have even approached NASCAR about creating a unique online and land-based slot in order to improve the gaming experience. After looking at the opportunity that was ahead, they reached an agreement to create a combination of a racing game mixed with a slot machine.


The reason why this game was created is so that NASCAR fans would be drawn into the casino experience. NASCAR fans all over the world have the opportunity to have fun enjoying their favorite sport and also win some money at the same time. This is a very unique game. Bally Technologies wants the popularity of the sport to increase through the help of this game. One main reason for this is that Bally Technologies is considered to be one of the leaders in the slot machine manufacturing industry in the world.


It has been receiving a lot of awards and has been forming milestones in the gaming and technology world. Also, it is credited for being the first slot manufacturer to contain a management system that is all the way electric. It has been collaborating with many big companies outside of NASCAR in order to make the games fun. Through adding racing to their atmosphere, the slot manufacturer has been able to receive authority for being a gaming technology company that is creative and has diversity. This slot machine will not just have impact on its own fan base, but it will also make the sport gain a bigger following.


The Gameplay of the NASCAR Slot- The NASCAR slot definitely stands out in its own way. It is a combination of the excitement racing provides and the slot machine experience. Guess what? This game is also available in Bally’s cabinet-ALPHA 2 ProSeries.


It is a game that is based on the traditional casino slots in which a player can bet a minimum of 40c and a maximum of $3.20 on a spin.


There is even more to this game that makes it worth the time playing. This game has a Wide Area Progressive. Players are able to win a 6 digit figure if they hit the jackpot spin. Another amazing feature about this game is its surround sound system. It makes players feel like they are in a NASCAR stock car.

The 32-inch LCD touchscreen is the best feature about the game. It does not have the traditional level-pulls that slots typically have. On this slot, the technology is very advanced and it has a touch feature that makes this one very interactive. Another reason why the touch feature exists is so that the bonus rounds would be more interesting.


How to Play the Game- Players have to pick one of the famous NASCAR players that is in the lineup to represent them. Racers such as Dale Earnheardt Jr., Clint Bowyer, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, and Jeff Gordon are all included in the game. While playing the game, the players are able to feel and hear the sounds of the racing through their ProSurround chairs. Since this is provided, the gaming experience becomes more enhanced. The video and audio provided in this slot is based on the television broadcast of the races. Even commentary from the famous American Sportscaster, Eli Gold is included in the game. The sounds that plays during the gameplay comes from the NASCAR soundtrack.


The Bonus Features- Pit Stop, U Race, and the Burnout are the bonus features of the game. Players have the chance to win prizes in each of these bonus features. During the Pit Stop features, players have to choose 5 out of 15 lug nuts. The lug nuts represents the points added to the winnings. Underneath four of them, there are special items and if they get selected, the bonus win increases and it also gives an extra advantage. During the U Race bonus feature, the screen is split into two. One screen shows a NASCAR race and the other one shows slot reels. Players are given the option of three directions in which they will have to compete against the computer opponents.


While this is occurring, a multiplier reel spins. Once it is done spinning, players have the chance to multiply their winnings. The position players receive at the end of the race is added to their bonus win.


Burnout is the last feature of the game. During this feature, players are offered a chance to spin a wheel which will hand out bonus free spins along with multipliers. In order to spin the wheel, players have to swipe all the way across the screen and after it lands, the bonus win is added on to the total winnings.


This is a game that represents the racing experience to the fullest.

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