Legal Casino is dedicated to protecting your information. As an affiliate site we provide links to credible providers related to gambling. It is our intention to redirect you to the safest, most legal platforms on the market for the purpose of fulfilling requirements related to online casino gaming. At this site we primarily offer information and recommendations for online casino vendors, games such as pokies, blackjack and poker, as well as device compatibility. All of this is provided for convenience and to help gamblers make educated decisions for online casino gaming.

Information Collected

The only information we collect should you choose to submit it is an email address. The email services from Legal Casino are meant to offer visitors to the site updated news on the latest gambling trends in the industry coupled with the latest casino offers online, including free bonuses, free reel spins, promotional activities regarding reduced pricing at various games, along with new device compatibility recommendations. We do not spam our visitors and instead use the services for educating gamblers so they may have a better experience while gambling on the Internet. Lastly, we also provide papers and research regarding online casino legality and legal developments centered on other gambling issues in Australia such as sports betting.

How Legal Casino Uses the Information

Legal Casino only offers services related to online gambling providers for Aussies. We work with legitimate gambling sites in which we obtain links from their services and redirect players to those links based on their casino playing preferences. We hope that with this transfer in services from our site to the affiliated casino provider that Aussie players will have the most informed and enjoyable gaming experience available. We make money from this site through this method, which goes into keeping the site running due to the high expenses involved. Providing such services is legal and we only cooperate with name brands that are trusted in Australia. We do not use cookies and do not sell your information to any organization online. The analytics used and other forms of screening such as observation through platforms called ClickTale are meant to help educate us on learning how you access the site’s information to provide you a better gambling experience.

Information Collected from Third Parties

The casinos associated with this site collect cookies in order to personalize your experience. Gambling platforms may also ask for an email address and banking account information should you choose to sign up and play for real money. Your information is secure and is not subject to being sold to third parties from us or from other parties involved. Casinos online use analytics to measure their players’ preferences in order to create more customized gaming experiences.


Legal Casino does not offer any services or products directly and therefore does not collect payment directly from players. As an affiliate site this website makes money from affiliating with legal brands and operators falling under Australian jurisdiction. Players instead operate with casino vendors and receive payment based on the casino vendors’ outlines, which can be accessed from the casino’s website. Players typically receive payment within 1-7 days but this needs to be clarified with the casino.

Age Restrictions

All ages are able to view this site for obtaining information regarding gambling but only Australians over the age of 18 with a valid ID and banking information can access the provided links for real money playing. Gambling online is legal for those ages 18 and above with approved credit otherwise they will be rejected at the casino should they try to sign up.

Changes in Information

Generally speaking the recommended casinos on this site remain the same. In the unlikelihood they become illegal or should be find more suitable online platforms that suit this site we will make changes, which can be seen on the home page’s recommended casino section. Should players feel the need to stay updated they are encouraged to subscribe to our email list or bookmark this site in addition to frequently visiting in order to stay updated.

Shift in Business

Should this site be shifted to another owner that recipient may choose to work with other casino providers based on their personal preference. No personal information from players aside from the collected Google Analytics from the entire site will be shifted in order to help the new ownership make better informed decisions on casino choices along with player preference.

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