Legal & Safe Casino Sites for Real Money in 2020

Welcome to Legal Casino, Australia’s #1 guide for legal online casinos. At this site we give you casino recommendations for all your gambling needs. Whether it is online pokies, blackjackroulette or other casino games, this site promotes only the most trusted and legal casino sites the industry has to offer. The casino choices on this site all offer real money options and are regulated by the Australian government. These safe platforms mean Aussies can rest assure that playing is enjoyable and free from any suspicion of participating in scam or illegal gambling operations. We want you to enjoy your gambling experience and do so in a legal manner with financial rewards, therefore we created this site as a guide for all Aussies interested in taking part of the ever-growing online casino action the industry has to offer.

What Makes a Casino Legal and Safe?

Australia’s Gambling Laws and Regulation

Simply put, due to laws passed from the AU government back in 2001 under the Interactive Gambling Act, Australians can legally gamble online. The Act was established with harsh guidelines for operators looking to set up their own domestic operations online but issued clear statements that give freedom for Aussie players to play online casinos and bet on sports. Until today, this Act gives Aussies the reassurance they can gamble online and is 100% recognised in the court of law regardless of what area in Australia you come from.

There are media reports circulating the Australian government wants to bump up regulation for certain casino sites but these are mainly for sketchy operators that do not meet international standards set by the Malta Gaming Authority and International Association of Gaming Regulators. These authorities are globally recognised organisations that analyse casino sites’ legitimacy and provide standard criteria that all online gambling setups need to meet before becoming internationally certified. The casinos promoted here do meet these criteria and are our most basic requirement within our long list of points platforms need to meet.


The next dead giveaway for the legality of a casino is whether it accepts major credit operators such as Visa, Mastercard or Neteller etc. First, a casino operator needs to go through verification before getting approved for business banking options. This verification includes making sure the casino is set up legally based on local laws and has a standard of practice such as verifying payouts to ensure it is not a scam. Credit operators do not want their reputations destroyed from aimlessly cooperating with illegal companies and therefore undergo detailed investigation before giving casino hubs the green light. Therefore, if you see a major credit/banking operator listed as part of the deposit and withdraw options at a gambling site then you know this is a sign of legitimacy. We only choose the casinos with the best and verifiable credit options that also happen to be known for having quick payouts and high paybacks.

Pay out Percentages and Cash Out Times

We want our players to not only be protected and know where they can gamble legally, but we also want to make sure they get paid quickly and fairly. A casino should offer approximately 24-72 hour cash out times depending on the time the request is made in addition to the type of payment form since some methods take longer to withdraw than others. Our standard is 48 hours but we can accept something later if the transaction is big or done over the weekend so therefore we chose the above casino sites based on these factors. Moreover, we need payout percentages to exceed 90%. Most land-based and online operations only hit the 80% mark. Based on our experiences and the data provided from casinos, the above platforms meet and even exceed this percentage standard and in fact go above 97%, giving them even more credibility.

Trust and Reputation

We have talked about how these casinos are legal and what their percentage payouts should be but how do they play out in real life? From our experiences, the above casinos live up to these standards. Whether it is winning big and cashing out quickly, they get our top ranking as based on over 10 years of playing casinos online. The casino platforms also offer great customer support 24 hours a day and have a wide variety of games both traditional and non-traditional to satisfy diverse gambling needs. The brands mentioned above are also talked about extensively in player blogs across the web and have daily updates on the winners plus their amounts.

Getting Started

Following the casino links above will bring you to their home pages where you will qualify for a generous sign-up bonus. These bonuses only increase your chances of winning more money so we highly suggest you take advantage of them. The casino hubs are both very solid across the board but each have their own specialties. We suggest you take a look at the games section to see what casino is most suitable if you have a specific need.

What Else You Can Find at Legal Casino

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