Blackjack is an incredibly simple card game and one that has thrived on that simplicity, enjoyed by amateur gamblers around the world. However, there are many complexities to this game, which is why there are many professional gamblers making a living off beating the house. But how easy is it to transition from a casual blackjack player into skilled professional, what are the tips and strategies you need to learn to ensure this transition is a smooth one, and where are the best places to play this game?

How to Play and Types of Games

There are many different variants of blackjack available, all of which tweak the rules slightly. Initially, these tweaks were done by the casino in order to increase the house edge, because Classic Blackjack has a very low edge, but since the invention of online blackjack those alterations have occurred to make the game more appealing to a wider market.

It is still about the house edge though, at least as far as the professional and experienced players are concerned. One of the blackjack variants with the lowest house edges is Double Exposure, which is available on Royal Vegas Casino. This forces the dealer and the player to expose their cards at all times. This drastically improves your chances of winning, because much of blackjack strategy is based on the dealer’s hand, so being able to see all of this makes the game considerably easier.

Rules and Regulation

Blackjack is a very easy game to learn, but it is a little harder to master. You will be dealt two cards, and depending on the variant you are playing these will either be face down or face up. In classic blackjack, you will be able to see one of the dealer’s cards, which is important when it comes to making your decisions.

You make your bet prior to the hand and you can also make additional bets during the hand, with “splits”, which is when you get a pair of cards and split them into two separate hands; “doubles”, which is when you double your bet and take one more card: and “blackjack”, which typically pays out 3:2 and occurs when you get a combined total of 21 with just two cards. In most Vegas casinos a blackjack only pays 6:5, which adds more than 1% to the house edge, but you can still find plenty of 3:2 games online.

Tips and Strategy

There is something known as Basic Blackjack Strategy which is used by all professional players and by anyone looking to get an edge over the house. This strategy is a system of rules and plays, based on what your best chances are of winning every single hand. There are many rules with this strategy, including never splitting 5s or 10s and always hitting Soft 17. You should also stick with the games that have the best house edge, and you should never play drunk, as this is a recipe for disaster.


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No one is entirely sure just when blackjack originated, but we can be certain that it was invented some time after the creation of the modern “French” deck of cards, and that it probably originated in France. The earliest evidence we have of a game like this being played was in the 18th century, when a game called “Vingt-et-Un”, or “Twenty One” in French, was played in casinos. There was also a similar game played in Spain around the same time, although the goal there was to hit 31 and not 21.

Blackjack didn’t really achieve the sort of popularity that it enjoys today until it reached the state of Nevada in the 1930s. After it was accepted into the state’s biggest casinos, it began to grow in popularity and to spread across the state and the country, before being included in every casino around the world, including all online ones. Today blackjack is one of the most widely known and played card games, and it is also the one that has branched out into the most variants, with developers and casinos everywhere looking to apply their own twist to this age-old game.