Arguably the most popular casino game around, roulette is a luck-based game that was invented in France and is a mainstay in casinos around the world. The simple rules and the big wins, combined with the fact that it can be played by many people at once, makes roulette a big hit with gamblers, whilst the sizeable house edge ensures it is just as popular with the casinos.

Just because the house wins most of the time doesn’t mean they need to win all of the time. There is no simple way of beating this game, no way to beat the hardware or manipulate the bets. However, there are strategies that can give you slightly more of an edge, and it also pays to understand the rules, the etiquette and the betting, all of which will be discussed in this article.

How to Play and Types of Games

There are several different types of roulette and these can differ greatly, so don’t believe the casino when they tell you that they’re all the same. In fact, this is an area where online casinos have the edge over offline ones. In a land-based casino you will find a handful of roulette tables at the most, all using the same rules. However, if you visit a good online casino, you can find a number of different roulette games, following everything from American and European rules, to French rules. On casinos like Royal Vegas Casino, there are half a dozen roulette variants, including Multi-table Roulette.

As far as your odds of winning are concerned, the best variant is French Roulette. This has fewer zeros and it also returns half stakes and refunds where other variants would record losses. This is why the house edge on French Roulette can be half of that of other variations.

Rules and Regulation

Roulette is typically not a game you will find outside of the casino, so if you’re playing it then you’re probably in a casino, which means it’s legality is assured. In Australia there are casinos in all states and all major cities — even those with tight restrictions on gambling such as Western Australia — and you will find roulette wheels in all of these. Roulette is also common on online casinos which in turn are available to Australian players. Royal Vegas Casino for instance, mentioned above as being one of the better places to find online roulette, has a large number of Australian members even though the casino is based and regulated in Europe.

Tips and Strategy

There is no concrete way to beat the house in a game of roulette. However, there are things you can do to increase your chances, limit your losses and guarantee safe play. The first thing you should do is ensure you have a bankroll in place and that you stick to it. You should also aim for roulette games with low house edges, including French roulette. This is not going to make any difference when it comes to striking lucky on single numbers, but over the course of a long session it can make a huge difference.


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There are many different theories concerning the invention of roulette, but the most believable, and the one commonly referred to by proponents of this game, is that it was invented by a French scientist in the middle of the 17th century. It was then moved to a casino in the heart of Paris where it stayed, attracting gamblers from across the city. From there roulette spread around the world in the centuries that followed, receiving a significant boost when it landed on the shores of the United States and was embraced by the state of Nevada — and by Reno and Las Vegas in particular — as the casino game of choice.

Other theories suggest that it was invented by French monks as a way to pass the time and alleviate the boredom of monastic life. But whatever the origins, we can be certain that by the 18th century roulette had become a popular gambling game in France, and that in the proceeding years it spread around the world.